Data governance and compliance relies on visibility.

Never fail a data compliance audit again

To successfully manage compliance risks and be confident of passing information audits, businesses need to know what documents they have, and the information contained in them.

In an era where records management can't keep up with the exponential proliferation of data within organisations, businesses are struggling to create order from the chaos. The result is insufficient visibility and increased risk.

Pingar helps you discover, identify and tag your documents, uncover information buried in legacy applications, identify sensitive records and manage retention and disposal requirements.

Pingar removes risk and improves compliance

Using artificial intelligence Pingar transforms the way organisations manage information. Pingar establishes the relationships between documents based on your specific terminology, not generic rules.

Pingar’s sophisticated Natural Language Processing (NLP) and text analytics engine, rapidly discovers and accurately identifies, tags and classifies documents and records, at scale, no matter where they are stored. This means critical documents needing compliance assessment are located and correctly identified by their content, not by simple meta data, file names, or storage location.

Document tags and metadata are updated within hours, ensuring that once organised, documents stay organised, and optimised for findability, compliance and governance.

Manage your information risk


Reduce compliance risks by uncovering and correctly identifying all documents requiring compliance assessment and save on costly audit failures.


Improve document lifecycle management. Uncover duplicates, manage versions, identify documents for archiving or destruction.


Identify, classify and categorise hundreds of thousands of documents, across multiple repositories in hours not days or weeks.

"Once Pingar started crawling over OneDrive and SharePoint using the defined ontology and taxonomy, it was able to quickly find documents. Tagging them and flagging any anomalies that needed to be fed back into the process. It was very fast."
Gerard Rooijakkers Corporate Information Manager, Auckland Transport

The future of information compliance 


Find and accurately identify all relevant documents for compliance anywhere in the organisations data repositories using serial strings or other unique identifiers regardless of how they are named.


Define your documents by your rules and taxonomy, not those imposed by your document management software to ensure correct tagging and visibility.


Pingar helps organisations identify, resolve and future-proof the way they manage information to ensure compliance today and into the future.

Case Study

Regulatory Compliance: Auckland Transport

As a Council-owned organisation, Auckland Transport is required to comply with the Public Records Act (PRA 2015). But a poor audit report from Risk and Assurance found that the organisation wasn’t compliant from a document management perspective. After implementing Pingar they had another audit and achieved compliances. In addition people now had a more efficient way of doing their jobs and no mandatory meta data fields. Auckland Transport now has tags to manage access, retrieval and archiving when they need it and workflows for archiving and disposal.

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