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Stay on top of trends and ahead of the game

For planning and research teams attempting to collect and analyse data for market intelligence, the sheer volume of data can be a bottleneck to successful outcomes.

Information is published constantly on web sites, blogs and social media. Relying on analyst teams to scan and classify information for analysis limits how much information can be processed. 

Enhanced, real-time market intelligence

Pingar does the heavy lifting so your teams can use their time to turn insights into foresight and use business and market intelligence to support better, faster decision making. 

Using a combination of its sophisticated Natural Language Processing (NLP), text analytics engine and customisable taxonomies Pingar can crawl, identify and classify vast amounts of information from both public and private sources so that your analysts can focus on tasks that add value – mining that information for trends, forecasting and planning.

Supercharge your insights teams

Competitive insights

Supercharge your BI and insights teams so your business stays ahead of the curve, and the competition. Utilise competitive analysis to drive innovation and gain strategic advantage.

Market intelligence

Automate search through hundreds of thousands of documents and data feeds to gleam market insights, spot trends, drive innovation and make better business decisions, faster.

Customer satisfaction

Stay on top of customer feedback and improve speed to respond. Utilise sentiment analysis to gain strategic insights and support product development or service offerings.

"In the past, our staff could maybe handle 5000 articles per year. Now every year we can handle more than 100,000. They spend more time looking for trends, trying to do more with the data they have and exploring the data they have. We are using our staff resources in a more efficient, more value-added manner."
Richie Lam Senior Manager Corporate Development Planning, Hong Kong Airport Authority

Process and classify information at scale


Crawl countless information sources and feeds, including data aggregators, news feeds, blogs, Twitter and the web.


Automatically apply your business taxonomies to crawled information to accurately identify and tag incoming data, in real time, at scale.


Let analytics and research teams focus on value-added analysis and exploration of data as the heavy lifting of information sourcing and classification is already done.


Receive alerts on key searches to get insight into trends and warn of events that may have business impacts.


Go from very broad results to highly precise insights using DiscoveryOne’s enhanced search capabilities.


Pingar's Insights Module provides graphical representations of chosen information and data trends.

Coming Soon

Content Insights

• Market intelligence visualisation tool

• Visualise data trends, insights and valuable information

• Word clouds, 3D heat maps, graphs, charts and more

Case study

Market Intelligence: Hong Kong Airport

The organisation's Corporate Planning team is responsible for reviewing a constant barrage of information and needed a better way to sort and tag large amounts of market data to prepare reports for the Senior Executive Team.

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