Effectively manage documents and records.

Improve search, boost productivity, reduce costs. 

Findability, speed, accuracy

Document and records management can't keep up with the proliferation of data within organisations.

Businesses can't effectively manage information if they don’t know what documents they have. The problem is not how they're named. The problem is knowing what they are, where they are, their contents, and how to find them to ensure productivity and compliance.

Pingar structures your unstructured data

Using artificial intelligence, we're transforming the way organisations manage information. Relationships are established between documents based on your organisation’s specific terminology, not generic rules or templates.

Pingar’s sophisticated Natural Language Processing (NLP) and text analytics engine enables rapid discovery and accurate identification, tagging and classification of documents and records, at scale, no matter where they are stored.

Document tags and metadata are updated within hours, ensuring that once organised, your documents stay organised and optimised for findability, compliance and governance.

The future of records and information management


Individuals and teams manage information their way. Pingar matches documents to business rules and taxonomy so that end users don't have to change their behaviour.


Sophisticated NLP and text analytics accurately identifies all text including in images for unrivalled findability. Effective version control ensures document currency. 


Reduce data wastage. Optimise storage through effective de-duping and improved disposal and retention control.

"Pingar is really helping us to understand potential groupings and libraries for the IA. The results are outstanding. We spot checked the tags and found them to be 100% correct”
Fiona Cameron Senior Business Analyst, apa

Supercharge your information management


Greater accuracy means faster searches. Turbocharge document findability in Sharepoint and OneDrive.


Reduce compliance risks. Uncover and correctly identify documents requiring compliance assessment.


Improve document lifecycle management. Uncover duplicates, manage versions, identify documents for archiving or destruction.


Define your documents by your rules and taxonomy, not those imposed by your document management software.


Identify, classify and categorise hundreds of thousands of documents, across multiple repositories in hours not days or weeks.


Boost productivity. Less time to find information means less wasted hours. Find anything in three clicks.

Case Study

Search Enhancement: Singapore Government

With 2500+ users, agencies and subsidiaries associated with them, the Ministry of The Government of Singapore had close to 10 million documents stored across multiple document repositories. Without any content organisation policies and process in place, search efficiency was the primary problem. Pingar helped to remove manual and repetitive tasks related to information management, bring in automation and build intelligent systems that enables their skilled workforce to focus more productive tasks.

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