Identify, classify and
tag your content for improved findability.

DiscoveryOne discovers, identifies, classifies and tags content across document types and sources with almost unrivalled accuracy.

Dramatically improve findability of information in Electronic Content Management (ECM) systems such as Sharepoint. In addition to market-leading accuracy, its flexibility, configurability and scalability help create better outcomes in data migration, compliance, audits, and business intelligence.

DiscoveryOne is not a one-time process, but an ongoing, real-time improvement to your information management, that automatically identifies and tags any new documents as they are created.

Fine-tuned results for better outcomes

DiscoveryOne combines document sources with rulesets to process crawled documents, applying tags automatically to identify and classify documents. DiscoveryOne and its associated tools like Taxonomy Editor are designed to be used in Projects in an adaptive testing process, making it easy to test and adapt your rules for the best result.


DiscoveryOne uses sets of rules to discover things about documents. The things that these rules can identify in documents are called Concepts – such as authorship of a document, date of creation, or the main topic that it discusses.


At the core of DiscoveryOne is the use of taxonomies used to categorise and automatically tag your documents. The Taxonomy Editor allows you to create taxonomies or edit existing taxonomies; and prepare them for document categorisation. 

Document sources

DiscoveryOne can crawl and tag content in a variety of locations, including the web, file shares, email and databases. It can be configured with necessary logins to access controlled sources. DiscoveryOne has a collection of different crawlers optimised to work with different sources, including file shares, RSS, Web, Twitter, Sharepoint and Office 365.

Document types

DiscoveryOne can retrieve text from HTML, PDF and Office documents. The crawlers that come with DiscoveryOne use Microsoft’s IFilter technology to extract text from PDF, Office and most other document formats including images.

Happy users make better
migration outcomes

Many information migrations fail because they don’t deliver a noticeably better result for end users, resulting in the persistent use of legacy systems.

Users care about being able to find what they need, fast. With DiscoveryOne, end users don’t need retraining on a new product, because it operates in the background improving their experience with the ECM. Searches are faster and results better. By improving the user experience DiscoveryOne helps you realise your investment in migration.

Save costs,
boost productivity

For large organisations, the savings involved in faster, more accurate searches can be in the millions of dollars.

DiscoveryOne can also help you free up storage space and reduce costs by finding and identifying both duplicate documents and alternate versions of documents

Your business, your rules

At the heart of DiscoveryOne are customisable rulesets that enable it to find and classify your documents based your business processes, not generic structures.

DiscoveryOne’s Taxonomy Editor allows you to create taxonomies or edit existing taxonomies so you define how your documents are classified and tagged.

Have confidence in audits and compliance

DiscoveryOne’s natural language processing, de-duplication module and customisable taxonomies combine to ensure you gain clarity of what and where your critical documents are.

DiscoveryOne finds documents with serial numbers or other such identifiers with very high precision, letting you uncover and correctly identify documents requiring compliance assessment.

Make search easier, quicker

Users often resort to broad term searches when looking for specific information. DiscoveryOne makes Sharepoint or other ECMs better by improving the speed and accuracy of document findability, even when the user fails to be specific in their search terms.

With document content accurately identified and tagged, refiners in search - such as document type, key terms or geographical location - automatically exclude unwanted documents and help users zero in on their desired document with the minimum of clicks. DiscoveryOne aims to achieve a minimum of 80% accuracy and 80% coverage for any search. End-users can find documents faster with a greater degree of accuracy and improved findability. 

Retention and disposal

Information opaqueness prevents information managers from adequately identifying documents that need managing for retention or disposal.

Inadequate meta data or file names can result in target documents not being identified or improperly disposed of. By reading the text inside documents and then tagging those documents correctly, DiscoveryOne ensures Information Managers have the appropriate control  and confidence for effective retention and disposal procedures.

Market intelligence

DiscoveryOne helps market intelligence teams process more information, quicker.

With the ability to crawl sources such as blogs, web sites, Twitter and other external data feeds, DiscoveryOne can process and accurately tag vast amounts of information to provide enhanced, real-time market intelligence. Alerts on desired searches provide insight into trends and warn of events that may have business impacts. DiscoveryOne lets you go from broad results to very precise insights using its search capabilities. The Insights Module visualises information to provide deeper insights, understanding and data analysis. 

Pingar. Find it faster.

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