Revolutionising SharePoint Search

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While SharePoint is a popular solution businesses and organisations use to  store and manage their digital content as the amount of data grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to find the information you need quickly and efficiently. That's where Pingar comes in.

At Pingar, we've developed an automatic metadata extraction tool for SharePoint that makes searching for information faster and more accurate than ever before. Our tool creates metadata every time a document is created or updated, without any need for human input.

This metadata is created by Pingar's machine learning algorithms, which identify phrases that describe the main topics, categorise content, and match it against a taxonomy that can be defined by the business. It can detect organisations, companies, people, locations, addresses, account numbers, dates, and many other custom entities. In addition, it can match similar terms, misspellings of words, equivalent spelling in different variations of English, and other language issues.

With automatic metadata extraction, users no longer have to fill in new text fields every single time they add or update content, making the process faster and more efficient. This means that more employees are likely to bother with metadata, and it is much more consistent across an organisation.

But the benefits of metadata go beyond just making it easier to add or update content. It also enables SharePoint search, information compliance, retention policies, and workflows. And with clearly classified and categorised metadata, Pingar improves SharePoint search by providing relevant search refiners that allow users to ignore irrelevant search results by showing categories, topics, and other types of metadata.

So, what does Pingar actually do? Our tool categorises documents against a pre-defined taxonomy, identifies key concepts and phrases describing documents, and identifies people, organisations, account numbers, locations, addresses, and other custom created entities that may be important to an organisation.

With Pingar's automatic metadata extraction tool, businesses and organisations can save time and effort while improving the accuracy and relevance of their SharePoint searches.

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