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Managing large volumes of digital content can be a daunting task for organisations, especially when it comes to searching for specific information within those documents. However, with DiscoveryOne Content Enrichment, an innovative technology developed by Pingar, the process of managing and searching for relevant information has become significantly easier. In this blog post, we will explore the various benefits of DiscoveryOne Content Enrichment, how it works, and what makes it unique.


Improve Search

DiscoveryOne Content Enrichment provides a solution to the problem of irrelevant search results by creating clearly classified and categorised metadata. With relevant search refiners, users can quickly ignore irrelevant search results and focus on the categories, topics, and other types of metadata that are most relevant to their search. The automatic metadata extraction feature of DiscoveryOne Content Enrichment also ensures that the Enterprise Content Management System (ECMS) search is fast and relevant.

Improve Data Migration

Before migrating documents to a new ECMS, it is best practice to enrich the existing content with correct and sufficient metadata. DiscoveryOne Content Enrichment simplifies this process by auto-categorising documents according to their true content, instead of relying on previously created insufficient or incorrect metadata. This approach significantly decreases the cost and effort involved in the migration process.

Extract Valuable Entities

DiscoveryOne Content Enrichment can quickly detect valuable entities, such as organisations or companies, people, locations, addresses, account numbers, dates, and many other custom created entities. It also handles language issues such as matching similar terms, misspellings of words, and equivalent spellings in different variations of English.

Enable Faceted Search

Faceted search enables users to decide how to start and explore results, and it can reduce search results from hundreds of mostly irrelevant ones to the few that truly matter. DiscoveryOne Content Enrichment offers multi-dimensional filtering, making search intuitive even for non-expert users.

What makes DiscoveryOne Content Enrichment so powerful?

DiscoveryOne Content Enrichment is a powerful tool for improving the management and searchability of digital content. Its features, including relevant search refiners, automatic metadata extraction, entity extraction, and faceted search, make it an essential technology for organisations that need to manage large volumes of digital content. With DiscoveryOne Content Enrichment, organisations can save time and money, improve the accuracy of their search results, and enable users to easily find the information they need.

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