Data Migration APA Group

APA Group was faced with a three-year project to migrate documents from an acquisition into its EDRMS system. It tuned to Pingar to bring that timeframe down to months, not years.

APA Group, Australia's leading energy infrastructure business, acquired the Orbost Gas Processing Plant (OGP) in August 2017. The acquisition meant APA had to process more than half million (~660K) documents concerning various functions and activities of the gas plant.


The operational and historic asset documentation from OGP was stored in various content repositories such File Shares and SharePoint 2010. It was manually impossible for business analysts and service owners at APA to sort out documents of relevance and get them ready for O&M (Operations and Maintenance).

The document coding standards employed by the previous owners, Santos, were different to those followed by APA Group. It was estimated that manual analysis and eventual migration of documents to a new EDRMS system would take approximately three years to complete.


Pingar’s DiscoveryOne Content Inventory solution was chosen to help complete this migration in substantially less time and at less cost. DiscoveryOne enabled APA Group to collate all the information in a single view for business analysis, identify Redundant, Outdated and Trivial (ROT) documentation, and auto-classify content into Discipline, Asset and Asset Process categories. With that done APA was able to perform smart migration relying on auto-classification results.

The entire document analysis and migration was completed within a matter of months and came in well under budget. The project identified around 35% duplication of content resulting in a substantial improvement in migration efficiency. Throughout the project all stakeholders gained greater visibility into progress and results thanks to holistic reporting made available through Pingar’s DiscoveryOne Content Inventory solution.