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Pingar DiscoveryOne™ for

Information Management

Content Inventory

Retention Policy

Reduced Storage Cost

Faster Search


Identify redundant, outdated and trivial information on file-shares to clean-up and reduce content by up to 76%.  (Perficient analysis of file-shares 2012)


Reduce migration time and cost to an Enterprise Content Management System (ECMS) by utilizing Pingar DiscoveryOne to identify redundant and irrelevant data.


Auto-categorize documents against retention policies to implement defensible deletion in your Electronic Content Management System (ECMS).


Improve search relevance by enabling faceted search. Benefit from improved search results after redundant, irrelevent or duplicate content has been identified by DiscoveryOne and removed from your file-system.

Discover Which 76%* Of Your Content Is Not Useful

DiscoveryOne for Information Management identifies the duplicates and near-duplicates on your file-system and can auto-categorize documents by their content type, topic and age to discover what is useful and what is not.

*Perficient analysis of file-shares 2012

Discover Content-Level Duplication And Near-Duplicates

DiscoveryOne for Information Management can detect a PDF version of a Word document or match drafts of documents with the final document. Duplicate documents are one of the largest sources of  redundant data in file-shares, typically greater than 20% of total storage.

Clean-Up and Migrate Content

DiscoveryOne for Information Management provides a content inventory to identify low hanging fruit for immediate archiving and disposal, including duplicates and near-duplicates. Then migrate content systematically by querying DiscoveryOne for content that matches a variety of types list within a company retention policy.

Improve Search Relevance

Faceted search increases the number of relevant documents shown early in your search results. This improvement in search relevance is a leading way of improving findability. DiscoveryOne automatically tags your content by categories, topics and other metadata. This enables faceted search in your enterprise search engine.

Identify Content Compliance Risks

Enable DiscoveryOne for Information Management to automatically identify compliance risks including Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as names and ID numbers, drivers licenses, social security numbers and other personal data. Identify Protected Health Information (PHI) diagnosis, conditions, symptoms with names and IDs.

Reduce the Cost-Value Gap of Your Content

Storing older content is worse than just an unnecessary cost because the value of storing it decreases quickly, but the cost of storage does not. This creates an increasing negative return on investment as the value of what is being stored declines, increasing the cost-value gap. DiscoveryOne for Information Management automatically categorizes your content according to your retention policy so it can be defensibly disposed of.

Users Prefer Search Refiners for Search Improvement

Studies show that key words and phrases are the most beneficial metadata for faceted search. DiscoveryOne for Information Management automatically detects keyphrases that are semantically linked together when they mean the same thing, thereby significantly reducing duplication in search results. So for example, you see airline  instead of multiple results including airline, airlines, airline industry in your search facets.

It was the exact tool we needed to index documents. Now we are able to upload thousands of documents, and we don’t need to read every single one, because Pingar does it automatically.

Gerard HamelDirector Information Systems and Technology at Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum

Australasia’s largest banking group – CBA doubled their search satisfaction by installing Pingar’s solution.

Angelika ChelnokovaSolution Delivery Team Leader at CBA

We saw significant improvements in the time it took Coles team members to find information they needed after introducing Pingar.

Steve HollowoodDelivery Manager, Portals and Team Productivity at Coles

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