Automation that works

Auto classification and categorisation for findability
Auto appraisal of records
Records lifecycle management
Content control tools for building taxonomies and ontologies

Enterprise software for automating your information management processes.

Pingar combines the human intelligence of our expert team with the artificial intelligence of our powerful software to deliver elegant, well designed information management solutions.

Pingar helped Auckland Transport find the way.

Auckland Transport has adopted Pingar auto-classification delivering findability,  retention and disposal for information lifecycle management across their entire SharePoint and Office 365 environment.

“We have embarked on an innovative road trip
to manage
our information in an automated way 
different from the traditional EDRMS option’’

Gerard Rooijakkers
Corporate Information Manager, Auckland Transport

Our team are committed to delivering

Anna Divoli

My aim is to make the information hunt in electronic documents faster and more efficient. I work on developing and evaluating text mining systems – both algorithms and user interfaces.

I have experience in identifying information for database annotation, entity extraction and entity relations extraction from text, summarization, document clustering and categorization as well as identifying useful features in computer interfaces that allow end users to communicate efficiently with text mining systems

Dr Anna Divoli
Principal Scientific Advisor

Dr Pascal Steger

My background is in data analysis and statistical modelling of big cosmological simulation data.

After I finished my doctorate I expanded my data science knowledge to transform insights into actionable guidelines, and to enable interaction with users via web technologies.

Dr Pascal Steger
Data Scientist

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