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You can't manage what you can't identify

Document and records management can't keep up with the proliferation of data within organisations. 

For businesses the result is their information pool becomes opaque. You cannot effectively manage information if you don’t know what is inside your documents. The problem is not where documents are being stored, or how they're named. The problem is knowing what they are and where to find them, fast, to boost productivity, improve compliance and save costs. 

Find anything in 3 clicks or less

Pingar’s DiscoveryOne uses artificial intelligence to transform the way organisations manage their information. Pingar establishes the relationships between documents based on your organisation’s specific terminology, not generic rules. 

Our sophisticated Natural Language Processing (NLP) and text analytics engine rapidly discovers, identifies, tags and classifies documents and records, at scale, no matter where they are stored. Once organised, documents stay organised and optimised for findability, compliance and governance. 

Users care about being able to find what they need, fast. With Pingar, end users don’t need retraining because it operates in the background improving their experience. Searches are faster and results better. 

Turbocharge your document findability


Boost productivity and save time and costs. Less time to find information means less wasted hours. With Pingar, find anything in three clicks.


Improve document  lifecycle management. Free up storage space, uncover duplicates and alterate versions, identify documents for archiving or destruction. 


Greater accuracy means faster searches. Turbocharge document findability in Sharepoint and OneDrive. For large organisations, the savings involved in faster, more accurate searches can be in the millions of dollars.


Reduce compliance risks and costs associated with failed audits. Uncover and correctly identify all documents requiring compliance assessment.


Define your documents by your rules and taxonomy, not those imposed by your document management software.


Identify, classify and categorise hundreds of thousands of documents, across multiple repositories in hours not days or weeks.

"With Pingar we can find information easily and comply. Search has improved and our users are confident and happier that their searches actually return something useful, fast. Our documents are tagged correctly and we know what we can dispose of or retain."
Gerard Rooijakkers Corporate Information Manager, Auckland Transport

Records & Information Management

You can’t manage data if you don’t know what you have - we help you identify, define, tag and then find anything in three clicks.

  • Easily find documents

  • Gain proper version control

  • Improve storage and disposal control

  • Sophisticated NLP and text analytics accurately identifies all text including in images.

  • People and teams manage information their way. Pingar matches documents to business rules and taxonomy

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& Governance

Pingar helps organisations identify, resolve and future-proof the way they manage information to ensure compliance today and into the future.

  • Correctly identity document content no matter where it is or how it is named
  • No surprises - find and accurately identify all relevant documents for compliance anywhere in the organisations data repositories
  • Speed time to respond to queries with more accurate search results
  • Meet your compliance requirements to avoid costly audit failures

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Business & Market Intelligence

Supercharge your BI and insights teams so your business stays ahead of the curve, and the competition.

  • Search through hundreds of thousands of documents to glean market insights
  • Utilise sentiment and competitive analysis to gain strategic insights. 
  • Improve innovation speed
  • Stay on top of customer feedback
  • Make better business decisions, faster

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