Room for improvement of record-keeping in public sector

A new report has identified opportunities to improve the record-keeping practices within the public sector. But the chief archivist said its findings also show a growing maturity and awareness of the importance of effective record-keeping.

The Archives New Zealand report details the results of its survey of information management within the public sector. It made several recommendations for improving record-keeping, particularly in the areas of identifying high-risk and high-value information and identifying information that’s relevant to Māori.

We believe that Information Managers should be involved in decision-making processes with the potential to affect Information Management practices within organisations, including the public sector. We also believe rapidly-changing technology has a significant role to play in improving record-keeping and adherence with the Public Records Act. In this video, Senior Information Manager Paddy Plunket encourages Information Managers to get in touch, to work together to improve outcomes for employees, customers, organisations and other stakeholders.