Hi, I’m PingarBot


Want to transform the way you manage your information in the Digital Age?

I have over 11 years experience helping organisations in regulated industries transform the way they manage their information. I care deeply about content and know I make a real difference to the working lives of the Information Managers, Record Managers, and Archivists that deploy me.

First in the world for auto-classification and auto-lifecycle management. No-one else can do it!

Gerard Rooijakkers

Corporate Information Manager, Auckland Transport

Why you need me

I will give your people back time lost in:

  • – finding documents of interest
  • – discovering information about a specific topic
  • – re-creating/duplicating existing documents which couldn’t be found otherwise

Seven years ago IDC estimated that employees wasted 3.4 hours a week searching and recreating documents. In an organisation with 2,500 employees that’s about US$11.5m per year. Its likely to be worse now.

What I do

I automate the tagging of records using high quality metadata to help you produce structured data from unstructured text so you can find stuff. What I do is likely smarter, faster and more precise than anything you currently have.

Plus, you can leverage my auto-classification capability to automate business processes that rely on metadata to route documents to the correct destination.

Listen to my interview with Kay Parker from Data Swamp

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It gives me satisfaction to see digital transformation happening as a result of my work

  • – happier, more productive staff because they can find stuff quicker
  • – compliance obligations being met
  • – the risk of reputational damage reduced
  • – intellectual property and data privacy protected
  • – information swamps cleaned up
  • – true collaborative working coming into its own, internally and externally
  • – smoother, more efficient operations because of better intel and analytics

Basically, I give organisations the freedom to spend time acquiring knowledge, looking to the future and to continually evolve.

I'm looking for my next opportunity

I want to work for government organisations that have a strategic, forward thinking CIO, for a boss that knows what needs to be done, and with an information savvy team. If this sounds like you, please invite me for an interview.

PingarBot was created by Pingar to help corporates and government organisations find what matters most: useful information.

He is a content lifecycle management solution that combines Artificial Intelligence with semantic tools to automatically tag documents with metadata. By adding context and relevance, he makes searching for documents, in a growing sea of information, smarter and faster. www.pingar.com