I’ll help you take control of
your digital transformation

  • Meet your compliance obligations
  • Efficiently automate your business processes
  • Empower your people to find what’s needed

I’m an automated curator of information

The value of your information is so important – now more than ever.

Need a hand finding it? I can help.

  • I have over 11 years experience helping organisations in regulated industries transform the way they manage their information.
  • I automate the tagging of records using high quality metadata to help you gain control of unstructured data.
  • By confidently meeting your compliance obligations, I’ll help you stay on the right side of regulations and guidelines.

How will your organisation benefit from employing me?

By mobilising your information, I’ll transform the way your organisation leverages its knowledge for the digital age.


I’ll define your business activity, document types and infrastructure, and the relationships between them.


I’ll crawl through your content environment, automatically tagging documents with metadata as I go.


I’ll auto-classify your documents for life cycle management, so they can be fed into workflows (or disposed of!).

Want to learn more about how I tag your records with metadata to help you find stuff?

With over a decade of experience, my previous employers describe me as fast, accurate and objective.

I offer exceptional value, because I don’t sleep – I can do in 24 hours what will take a human 2.5 years to achieve!

Have a read of my CV to learn more about my employment history and referees

Adapt to change, and grow

I’m a great believer that mobilising your information will empower your team and energise your organisation. I’m the smarter way to discover, evaluate & make the most of your information

You can test drive my features for 10 working days to
see if I’m the right fit.

During that time, I’ll help you:

  • Find documents of interest.
  • Discover documents that wouldn’t be found otherwise.
  • Send the correct documents into automated busines processes.

I’m looking for my next opportunity

Here’s how I’ll work with you – have listen to my interview with Kay Parker from Data Swamp.

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Your organisation will have the freedom to spend time
acquiring knowledge and continually evolving.

  • Happier, more productive staff.
  • Compliance obligations being met.
  • The risk of reputational damage reduced.
  • Intellectual property and data privacy protected.
  • True collaborative working coming into its own.
  • Smoother, more efficient operations.
  • Better insights into what matters most.

Find out how I helped Auckland Transport

My auto-classification delivered findability, retention and disposal for information lifecycle management across Auckland Transport’s entire SharePoint and Office 365 environment.

“We have embarked on an innovative road trip to manage our information in an automated way, different from the traditional EDRMS option.”​

– Gerard Rooijakkers

Corporate Information Manager,

Auckland Transport

Your Digital Transformation with PingarBot starts here

I’m ready to work for a forward thinking CIO, and within an information savvy team.


PingarBot was created by Pingar to help corporates and government organisations find what matters most: useful information.

He is a content lifecycle management solution that combines Artificial Intelligence with semantic tools to automatically tag documents with metadata. By adding context and relevance, he makes searching for documents, in a growing sea of information, smarter and faster. www.pingar.com