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Begin by gaining control of your content. Give your people and their processes the power to accurately find what’s needed, when it’s needed – FINDABILITY. Empower your organisation to leverage the value of its information assets.

Start with a Content Inventory

A Content Inventory provides you with insight into the size of the FINDABILITY opportunity within your organisation and the information you need to enact change. It is snapshot, in time, of the state of the content stored your Content Management Systems (CMS) and information repositories.

Imagine the benefits of FINDABILITY

  1. More productive employees finding documents faster and making decisions more easily than before.
  2. Streamlined business processes routing the right information to the right people at the right time.
  3. A great citizen experience through automation, self-service and better informed engagements.
  4. A framework for managing unstructured information, saving only what matters and leveraging what is of value wherever it is stored.
  5. Compliance with government regulations as insecure, irrelevant and duplicated content is restricted, archived or destroyed as a matter of course.
  6. Reduced costs in storage and time wasted searching or recreating documents.

...within your existing Information Technology environment.

Pingar’s Content Inventory is a fast, simple and straightforward way to realise the benefits of FINDABILITY within your organisation. Its non-disruptive, secure and happens invisibly in the background.

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Content Inventory is a three-step process


Choose your sample content and set PingarBot to work.


Your Content Inventory Dashboard is built from what PingarBot finds using Pingar’s own filters and business language definitions (taxonomies).


See your Content in a new light. Understand what’s duplicated, never used, sensitive, or out of date; and how your people save, retrieve and use information. Gain insight into how to design and build a FINDABILITY framework to suit your organisation.

Plus, it's practical

  • Each Content Inventory can be done remotely and without any impact to your users.
  • The process takes two to three weeks depending on your sample data set. This can be a site, folder or business area.
  • Your dashboard can be used to build the business case you need to enact change.

...and secure.

  • Your Content Inventory, including the search and reporting functions, is setup in a Virtual Machine (VM) environment that you establish and control.
  • PingarBot has READ only access to the documents in your content sample. It doesn’t have any permission to change anything, only to record the name, location and metadata tags of the documents it’s found.
  • No documents travel outside your organisation.

What are you waiting for?

Book a no-obligation Assessment Call with one of our team today to realise the benefits of Findability in your organisation.


PingarBot was created by Pingar to help corporates and government organisations find what matters most: useful information.

He is a content lifecycle management solution that combines Artificial Intelligence with semantic tools to automatically tag documents with metadata. By adding context and relevance, he makes searching for documents, in a growing sea of information, smarter and faster.