The only way now to deal with your growing information stockpile is to automate

Managing information is a critical business activity – for governance, for productivity, and for growth. Legacy information systems are labour intensive, expensive and subject to human error.

Even if we had the resources, the cost to continually appraise and classify each individual record is astronomical. We need much smarter ways to discover, evaluate and preserve our information.

We have all of the tools to deliver automation for your information governance processes

DiscoveryOne delivers a complete toolset for automating your information management processes.

Content control tools​

Tools for building classification and appraisal Ontologies, Disposal Schedules and Rules Engines.

Automated classification

Tag documents with multi-faceted classification schemes building a rich Metadata experience.


Eliminate waste and remove anything worthless.

Automate appraisal

Transform your disposal schedules into rules engines for automated appraisal.

Records lifecycle management​

Process your tagged records through the record lifecycle.

Proven in SMEs through to large multinationals, DiscoveryOne’s powerful text analytics engine can read and tag millions of pages in hours, including documents, public websites, private websites (with credentials), RSS feeds and e-mails.

The DiscoveryOne engine works with MS Exchange, SharePoint On-Premise, Office 365 and multiple other enterprise content management systems.