Finding meaning in mountains of data

Many businesses find themselves drowning in the massive amounts of data produced in a digital-first world. ECMS are key to managing this information flow, but often don’t have the functionality to allow people to quickly find meaningful data.

There’s an old saying in business that ‘cash flow is your business’s lifeblood’. This may have been true in the past, but in our fast-moving digital age, information is just as crucial a tool as revenue. The problem faced by many large, complex organisations is that a proliferation of data makes it difficult to sift through and filter out what’s meaningful, what can have an impact on your business, and what will help you to make better decisions.

To help you understand this issue and how to address it, we have prepared an eBook called The search for meaning: why ‘findability’ can help maximize your ECMS investment. It outlines how to find meaning in enterprise data, and how enhancing findability can add significant value to the investment your business makes in important tools like enterprise content management systems (ECMS). The eBook covers:

Data, data everywhere… but not a byte to use?

This chapter delves into the specifics of data proliferation and the impact it’s having on businesses everywhere. Most of it’s unstructured – emails, webpages, social media posts, spreadsheets etc – and that increases the difficulty of finding something meaningful. That’s why your ECMS needs to have ‘findability’ tools beyond the native functions, so that they remain competitive and can make better decisions.

3 reasons your ECMS may not be delivering a sufficient ROI

Like all business tools, your ECMS needs to have a good ROI. There’s no point in investing in a system that isn’t providing value. This chapter looks at how relevant results, organization of documents, and managing risk are key factors in making sure your ECMS is extracting and managing the data you need.

The findability engine and the search for meaning

using a tool that allows businesses to automatically categorize and tag documents can assist in information retrieval tasks such as which documents are legal agreements, or which documents contain information around operational risk issues.

ECMS migration and upgrades

This is the ideal time to implement better content discovery. It’s a tool that enhances the value of your ECMS investment, and enables you to decide what data needs to be migrated and enable automatic tagging and metadata creation. This chapter outlines why, when choosing an ECMS, it’s essential to select one that’s a true findability engine, one that delivers results for critical business needs.

The Pingar solution

Here we look at DiscoveryOne, a multi-platform content discovery system that supports a variety of ECM systems, enhancing their capability for extracting meaningful data from the huge volumes that are available.

Although there are massive amounts of data to be waded through, your business doesn’t need to be drowning in it. With the right ECMS tools, you can find the meaning in the information mountain, which will enable better decision making and business growth.

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