Case Study: Intergen Cohesion


Pingar Empowers Governmental Institutions to Find Information Faster

The Problem

The NZ Government reviewed its various data management platforms throughout all Ministries in 2011. The conclusion they came to was that there was massive replication of effort, cost, and overhead management. Quickly realising the need to standardise on best of breed data platforms. This would enable better interconnectivity, less suppliers with more invested interest in success, less training, and the assurance of the best solutions. The key challenges where the share diversity of content, and massive unstructured data bases of all kinds.

The solution

After over 2 years of detailed evaluation the Microsoft best of breed option was supplied by a local system integrator Intergen Ltd. Their virtual cloud solution encompassing Pingar for auto metadata population, and Colligo for email management is called the Cohesion Solution. Pingar’s part in Cohesion solution enjoyed great importance as the comprehensive and consistent capture of metadata was needed to assist ingestion, organise, categorize, and populate detailed search refiners.

DiscoveryOne Content Enrichment

DiscoveryOne Content Enrichment automatically tags and categorizes content. Typically, it is used to improve findability of information in an Electronic Content Management System (ECMS) by enabling faceted search. It also improves the ability to categorize content against business classification schemes and document retention policies within an organization.