Case Study: Commonwealth Bank

Australasia’s largest banking group doubles search satisfaction for frontline staff with Pingar’s automatic categorization

Commonwealth Bank (CBA) carried out a survey for SharePoint users and reported that 45% were satisfied with search performance. After the implementation of Pingar their level of satisfaction rose to 89%.


    • Pingar automatically generates comprehensive and consistent metadata in SharePoint.
    • Commonwealth Bank could then utilize key words, synonyms search, and auto categorization.
    • SharePoint search refiners are also fully actualized and add further assistance for frontline staff to find the information they need faster and supply a better customer experience.

About Commonwealth Bank

Commonwealth Bank is Australia’s leading provider of integrated financial services including retail banking, premium banking, business banking, institutional banking, funds management, superannuation, insurance, investment and share broking products and services. The Group is one of the largest listed companies on the Australian Securities Exchange and is included in the Morgan Stanley Capital Global Index.


Commonwealth Bank is one of the largest and constantly growing banks in the world, their SharePoint knowledge base contains 10,000+ pages. CBA needed to ensure that increasing amounts of data did not affect the speed at which they could deliver excellent customer service. CBA searched for the best solution to ensure smooth and fast navigation within company’s growing knowledge base. They needed a tool that would automatically tag their documents and would accelerate the search for information for their front line staff.

About Pingar and its solutions

Pingar software enables organizations discover what content matters most to them. Our customers use our software to read millions of pieces of text from the web, social media, email and internal company documents. As it reads, it identifies the topics, places and things talked about and categorise and summarises the content.
We do this for organisations needing to manage, clean-up and find their content and for when they need to discover relationships and trends and issues inside text.
Our software uses advanced text analytics, developed by PhD educated experts. The volume of the information-rich text-based content is already overwhelming and growing at 60% each year. With this amount of big data, traditional manual content searching and reading cannot be thorough or rapid enough – important facts for a business will be missed.


By utilizing Pingar for SharePoint, Commonwealth Bank can now quickly find the required documents in its growing knowledge base. This case study shows that Pingar automatically tags documents and generates related keywords for all content.
Front line staff search results are now much more relevant to the user’s query, this delivered the satisfaction increase from 49% to 89%.

Automating keyword generation and categorization allows more time engaging directly with customers instead of tagging and finding documents manually. This makes the ongoing uploading of documents much easier and efficient. Additionally, users across all organizations are known to be very poor and inconsistent at adding keywords and categories for documents as they save them. Pingar effortlessly overcomes this widespread problem.

“Automation of the keyword generation saved us a lot of time doing this manually and streamlined our content authoring process.”

Angelika Chelnokova Solution Delivery Team Leader at Commonwealth Bank

DiscoveryOne Content Enrichment

DiscoveryOne Content Enrichment automatically tags and categorizes content. Typically, it is used to improve findability of information in an Electronic Content Management System (ECMS) by enabling faceted search. It also improves the ability to categorize content against business classification schemes and document retention policies within an organization.