Case study: Coles


Coles team finds documents faster with Pingar

“We saw significant improvements in the time it took Coles team members to find information they needed after introducing Pingar.”


Steve Hollowood Delivery manager, portals and team productivity, Coles IT

About Coles

For more than 90 years, Coles has been a highly regarded and much loved part of Australian life. And while they are immensely proud of their history, they are also very excited and engaged about the future and future technologies.

About Zevenseas

Zevenseas is a boutique consultancy that brings the best out of SharePoint. They work with organizations around the world to craft solutions that help people work better together.

About Pingar solutions

Pingar software enables organizations discover what content matters most to them. Our customers use our software to read millions of pieces of text from the web, social media, email and internal company documents. As it reads, it identifies the topics, places and things talked about and categorise and summarises the content.

We do this for organisations needing to manage, clean-up and find their content and for when they need to discover relationships and trends and issues inside text.

Our software uses advanced text analytics, developed by PhD educated experts. The volume of the information-rich text-based content is already overwhelming and growing at 60% each year. With this amount of big data, traditional manual content searching and reading cannot be thorough or rapid enough – important facts for a business will be missed.

Coles Team Find What they Need Faster with the Pingar API

Coles, a leading Australian Supermarket with more than 100,000 team members, was looking for a way provide a quicker and more efficient search for team members looking for information.

Although relatively new to SharePoint, Coles already had more than 200,000 SharePoint documents in team sites and a substantial number of historical project documents waiting to go into a SharePoint Record Centre.

Coles selected Pingar to automate the process of adding consistent and comprehensive metadata and reduce the effort required by information searchers and SharePoint administrators. Zevenseas was the consultancy selected to integrate the Pingar API into Coles document management system.

“We used Pingar to automatically extract search terms from SharePoint documents and then use those terms to filter results and streamline discovery,” says Steve Hollowood, delivery manager, portals and team productivity, Coles IT.

With Zevenseas assistance, Coles implemented a timer job to collect and submit new documents to Pingar. Results are written back to SharePoint columns and the Managed Metadata Service. This case study shows that keywords and other entities like names, locations and information type are extracted against Coles-specific taxonomies seamlessly.

“We saw significant improvements in the time it took Coles team members to find information they needed after introducing Pingar,” says Mr. Hollowood. “Better results and useful Coles specific filters help team members find what they are looking for more quickly. Our current work is around retro-fitting to existing libraries and getting all docs tagged. Certainly, none of those historical project docs are going near a Record Centre until they have been Pingared!”

DiscoveryOne Content Enrichment

DiscoveryOne Content Enrichment automatically tags and categorizes content. Typically, it is used to improve findability of information in an Electronic Content Management System (ECMS) by enabling faceted search. It also improves the ability to categorize content against business classification schemes and document retention policies within an organization.

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